Episode 32: Tina Fumo – Questioning The System

What would you do if your family was taken from you?  It’s hard to imagine our children being pulled away from us especially if we’ve done nothing to warrant it.

My guest today is Tina Fumo.  She is the author of the book, Fancy Prison.  Calling BS on the welfare industry, she tells of her journey as a grandmother wanting to hold her newborn grandchild but discovering the authorities have apprehended the two-week-old baby and how her family struggled to be reunited.  

In this episode, Tina and I discuss:

  • What it was like having her granddaughter placed in foster care
  • How Tina and her family were treated as if they were guilty until proven innocent
  • The child welfare system seemingly targeting poorer families
  • Whether the foster system borders on eugenics
  • What it took to get her grandbaby back
  • And more!

Thanks again for listening to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! If you found this topic helpful, please share this episode. It can really help get the message out.  Together, we will challenge the status quo and refuse to simply accept what is being handed to us or what is being taken away.  

Enjoy my conversation with Tina!

In This Episode:

[1:25] – We’re introduced to our guest, Tina Fumo and learn how her grandchild was placed into foster care. 

[4:24] – Tina wasn’t given any information about her granddaughter while she was in foster care, but in her opinion, that was the point.

[6:32] – This is why Tina believes there isn’t a lot of questioning of the foster system.

[8:57] – The power differential of those who have privilege and those who don’t can make navigating the system more challenging based on who you are.

[11:00] – Tina believes the system is not built in the best interest of the child.

[12:09] – Where do we go from here?  Tina shares her thoughts.

[15:03] – Tiffany remembers a case in her previous work experience that was the polar opposite of Tina’s experience.

[16:42] – The foster system has a one-size-fits-all mentality, according to Tina.

[17:55] – It took Tina’s life savings to get her grandchild back. 

[19:50] – ”Quota”, “children”, and “care” should not be in the same sentence, in Tina’s opinion.

[21:21] – What can we do to take a closer look at children in the foster system in our own areas?

[23:59] – This is how we can learn more about Tina’s family’s story. 


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