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Episode 9: The Altruistic Capitalist: How to Lead for Purpose and Profit

What does it mean to have an altruistic capitalist mindset? My guest today is Lynn Yap. We’ll explore what this type of mindset really means …

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Episode 8: Priscilla Stephan – Soulfluent® Leadership – Knowing Yourself Better to Lead Better

The path to growing a successful, mission-driven business with meaning and purpose starts from within and by leading from the soul.   But how does someone …

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Episode 7: Naomi Mwaura – Creating Safe Public Transportation in Kenya

[Disclaimer] A note before we begin.  Please be advised this episode may be triggering for some listeners.  In this episode, there is a conversation about …

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Episode 6: Shaun ‘SF.’ Banks – You Can Have It All!

Love.  Inspiration.  Motivation.  Affirmation.  Kids universally need these things to help build them up and give them what they need so they too can have …

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Episode 5: Entrepreneurship, The Most Effective Form of Development Aid

What’s the most effective form of development aid for entrepreneurs in emerging economies? My guest today is Donna Rosa, and today she’ll share her knowledge …

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Episode 4: Reclaiming Self-Care as a Feminist Act

The world of consulting is full of questions. For people looking to get started in the world of consulting, it can be challenging to even …

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Episode 3: The Humanitarian Approach

What would you do if you weren’t scared?  What would your life look like if you had no fear of failure?  We strive for success, …

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Episode 2: What is Entrepreneurship in the Humanitarian World?

When I say “entrepreneur,” what images come to mind? Is it the fancy cars, the elaborate houses, or the Italian fashion? Success means different things …

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Episode 1: Are you a Humanitarian Entrepreneur?

If you’re like me, you’re someone who questions everything, wants to learn more, and doesn’t accept the status quo. Welcome to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast …

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There is more than one way to change the world!

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