Episode 9: The Altruistic Capitalist: How to Lead for Purpose and Profit

What does it mean to have an altruistic capitalist mindset?

My guest today is Lynn Yap. We’ll explore what this type of mindset really means and how it can help people lead for purpose and profit.

Lynn is the author of The Altruistic Capitalist. A qualified attorney in multiple jurisdictions, Lynn has taken companies public on Wall Street and has worked on innovation strategies with consumer companies. 

Having earned an MBA from The Wharton School, Lynn’s passionate about shifting the business conversation from short-term goals and profits to sustainable impact for our people and the planet.

Welcome to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Lynn as we explore the altruistic capitalist mindset and leadership.  We’ll also discuss how having mindfulness, conquering fear, practicing gratitude, and being curious can help anyone achieve an altruistic capitalist mindset.  

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In This Episode:

[01:21] – An introduction to our guest, Lynn Yap, and what led her to making a change away from banking. 

[04:15] – This is what it means to be in “the altruistic capitalist mindset.”

[06:59] – The second mindset has everything to do with curiosity. 

[08:11] – Collaborators are able to build bridges and create an impact across the supply chain.  Lynn explains how collaboration is the third mindset.

[09:52] – Lynn gives an example of how ADIDAS attempted to create a shoe with a zero-carbon footprint.

[11:33] – The giver and taker concepts in the context of collaboration.

[14:27] – Armored leadership, daring leadership, and what it means to be a leader.

[16:52] – Lynn focuses on daring leadership.

[18:35] – We hear how Lynn applies mindfulness and self-reflection to everyday life.

[20:25] – Lynn discusses how she practices gratitude and how this impacts her life. 

[22:49] – Tiffany reflects on how mindfulness is seen in the nonprofit space.

[25:20] – This is how Lynn would identify the importance of curiosity and independent thinking as it applies to business and leading teams.

[28:17] – How to move through fear, according to Lynn. 

[30:03] – Lynn shares a story about a climb where she froze just before finishing because she was paralyzed by fear.  Here’s how she overcame the fear. 

[32:50] – The only way to conquer fear is to move through it.  Lynn reviews the first steps to having an altruistic capitalist mindset.

[35:33] – Lynn has a special offer for those that email her.


Website – Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Instagram – Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Connect with Lynn:

Website – AltruisticCapitalist.com

Instagram – @AltruisticCapitalist

Book: The Altruist Capitalist
If you would like a free copy of The Altruist Capitalist, email Lynn at [email protected]

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