Episode 8: Priscilla Stephan – Soulfluent® Leadership – Knowing Yourself Better to Lead Better

The path to growing a successful, mission-driven business with meaning and purpose starts from within and by leading from the soul.  

But how does someone lead from their soul?  That’s what we will explore today.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast.  My guest today is Priscilla Stephan.

Pricilla worked in the environmental nonprofit field for a decade and then burned out.  Although she never thought she wanted to be an entrepreneur, she loved the creativity and flexibility this path afforded her.

Today, Priscilla Stephan is an Intuitive Business Strategist and creator of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes who helps soul-driven women entrepreneurs create sustainable, world-changing businesses that support the greater good. Through a powerful combination of practical business strategy together with soul guidance in the Akashic Records, she excels at helping people identify their zones of genius, step into powerful leadership, and live their purpose profitably.

Priscilla’s holistic and pragmatic approach to business and leadership allows her clients to live their dream lifestyle while confidently sharing their soul’s work to make a big impact and increase their profit and growth.

She is the author of the book Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide: Amplify your Message, Visibility and Profits by Leveraging your Archetype that supports leaders to stay grounded in their vision and primed to lead themselves and their organizations boldly into the future with confidence, courage and sustainable growth. 

If there’s someone that you know who is just starting on their entrepreneurial journey in the nonprofit space, please share this episode with them.  Together, we’ll change the world on our own terms, we’ll question everything, and we won’t just accept what is being handed to us and what we’ve been told to be true. 

And be sure to leave us a review wherever you’re listening.  Enjoy my conversation with Priscilla!

In This Episode:

[01:28] – An introduction to our guest today, Priscilla Stephan, and her experience in the nonprofit space.

[04:01] – What events led Priscilla to question the economic system she was working in and its impact on the environment? 

[06:18] – Priscilla describes how her last profession before becoming an entrepreneur was not boring, but it was bland and lacked creativity. 

[08:50] – After a decade in the environmental field as an entrepreneur, Priscilla was experiencing a “hot mess of a moment.”  Here’s what happened that led her to feel like a failure.

[10:51] – This is how Priscilla managed “the dark night of the soul” where she began to question the path she was on.

[12:30] – Priscilla ventured into several new directions with her career to find where she would be happiest.  

[14:33] – Priscilla explains how she was fired twice in five years trying to find her way only to find herself hitting rock bottom. 

[15:45] – A postcard for a Tony Robbins event opened some new opportunities for Priscilla. 

[18:21] – Priscilla finds her purpose in helping others with their own businesses to make the world a better place.

[21:02] – We learn what Soulfluent® Leadership is and the importance of archetypes.

[23:36] – Tiffany reveals she took the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype quiz and explains what she learned about her archetype.

[25:57] – This is what it takes to be in sync with your innate leadership abilities, according to Priscilla.

[28:05] – Addressing the negative connotation around money.

[29:19] – Clarifying the Akashic Records.

[32:18] – Priscilla tells us about her book, Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide, and what inspired her to write it.

[35:34] – This is the advice Priscilla would give someone starting out in the entrepreneurial world when they are coming out of the nonprofit space.


Website – Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Instagram – Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Connect with Priscilla:

To discover your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype and how it can help you lead more powerfully by embracing your natural leadership style visit: https://priscillastephan.com 

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