Episode 51: Billy Fetzner – Ecopreneurs

“We really need to consider what we can do to make it so that we don’t even have that waste at the end that either gets recycled, or gets thrown away, or gets composted,” explains Billy Fetzner, father, entrepreneur, Youtube creator, and coach. Billy has been fascinated by the environment since childhood and had big dreams to make a positive impact on the climate crisis. He created his Youtube channel, GreenBusinessImpact, with a mission to spread climate positivity through interviewing ecopreneurs who are doing incredible work making new creative solutions to many of the world’s problems. Today, he joins host Tiffany Zehara to talk about the amazing work being done by ecopreneurs.

Most businesses today exist within a linear model. They create a product and when the user is done with it, that product ends up either in a landfill, a compost heap, or recycled if possible. The better way would be a shift to a circular economy. With a circular economy, there is more of a thought process to how businesses can recoup some of the materials and use them to make new products. An example of this is how Apple recycles the materials in old iPhones to make new iPhones. By supporting companies that are working to circularize their production process, you are encouraging companies to continue making these eco-friendly changes. Money talks and if consumers show they prefer to support companies that employ a circular model, more businesses will make the switch.

The climate crisis tends to be viewed in a negative light, but really it provides so many opportunities for creativity and innovation. Many ecopreneurs are working diligently to find unique solutions to issues that can help reduce the climate crisis. Tune into today’s episode of Humanitarian Entrepreneur Podcast for a talk with special guest Billy Fetzner to learn more about the work being done by ecopreneurs and the steps you can take beyond recycling to help make a positive impact on the environment.  


“Soil is such a such an important part of how we can work to fight the climate crisis, because soil can hold and maintain, can be a huge carbon sink that we’re not utilizing.” (8:32-8:48 | Billy)

“Recycling is something that should definitely happen, it is so important. But, it’s not like that’s your get out of jail free card. That is just the beginning.” (11:55-12:09 | Billy)

“The circular economy, what it says is, okay, instead of us going out there and going and finding all the different resources that we need to create this product, how about instead, we use what we already used before, and bring it back and start using it again. So instead of all of that stuff going into the landfill, we take those resources and those parts and those pieces, and we find a way to bring them back and bring those two ends together to start making those products again using the same resources.” (13:20-13:57 | Billy) 

“We really need to consider what we can do to make it so that we don’t even have that waste at the end that either gets recycled, or gets thrown away, or gets composted. How can we reduce what we initially buy, or initially produce, so we’re not over producing and needing to throw away things, but making sure that we’re using things as efficiently as possible?” (16:14-16:40 | Billy)

“There are companies out there that are working to circularize their production cycle and their supply chain. So being able to support them, the biggest way that any consumer and anyone can impact the way that companies are doing things is with their wallet.” (23:27-23:48 | Billy)

Connect with Billy Fetzner:

Podcast: https://podcast.greenbusinessimpact.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/billy-fetzner/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmCz079n5YB1X25g_8pt4-A

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bill.fetzner.5/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fetzner_billy

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