Episode 5: Entrepreneurship, The Most Effective Form of Development Aid

What’s the most effective form of development aid for entrepreneurs in emerging economies?

My guest today is Donna Rosa, and today she’ll share her knowledge and experience with us to answer that question.

Donna is the founder and Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at EFour Enterprises LLC. EFour stands for Empowering Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies.

The company pioneered the use of remote business coaching and online financial and business plan tools specifically for entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies.

Donna comes with a lot of business expertise and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those who need it. 

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • What Donna’s industry really thought about going remote years before the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What Donna means by Aidtrepreneurship
  • How Donna is able to able bring her business expertise to those in need
  • And much more!

If there’s someone that you know who wants to enter the world of consulting but seems unsure how to take their first step, please share this episode with them. Together, we’ll change the world on our own terms, we’ll question everything, and we won’t just accept what is being handed to us and what we’ve been told to be true.

And be sure to leave us a review wherever you’re listening. Thanks for joining me on this ride, and enjoy my conversation with Donna!

In This Episode:

[01:25] – We’re introduced to Donna Rosa and learn what brought her to entrepreneurship coaching in emerging economies.

[04:09] – Donna started coaching farmers in the food industry on how to run their businesses.

[05:31] – In 2015, Donna came to the realization that she could do her work in entrepreneurship coaching remotely. Here’s how everyone responded.

[07:44] – Tiffany and Donna chat about the benefits of working remotely.

[09:28] – The differences in entrepreneurship between the developed and the developing worlds, according to Donna.

[11:03] – What mistakes do experienced microenterprises still make?

[12:23] – We hear what Donna believes to be the biggest myths in entrepreneurship in emerging economies.

[15:15] – These are the essential skills Donna believes are needed to succeed in this industry.

[16:30] – Donna discusses the Entrepreneurship Plan (or EPlan) services she offers that can help entrepreneurs where they are at with the business.

[18:48] – The EPlan template that Donna’s consultees receive starts with the easy stuff first and the difficult stuff last.

[21:15] – What do Donna’s services cost and what do they cover?

[23:23] – In Donna’s experience, those on the lower levels of her program are most worried about cash flow. Here’s how Donna is able to help them.

[24:47] – Entrepreneurs are learning in the context of their own businesses, and Donna finds this is the way for entrepreneurs to learn best. Here’s why.

[26:33] – Donna discusses how entrepreneurship can be the most effective form of developmental aid and reveals more about her coined term Aidtrepreneurship.

[28:14] – If someone is motivated to take action and wants to benefit from Donna’s services, here’s what they need to know.

[29:53] – Donna shares her words of wisdom for entrepreneurs in developing countries.


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