Episode 45: Catherine Mattice – Creating a Positive Company Culture

Many of us have experienced bullying in the workplace, but not many of us have had the tools or resources to address it.

My guest today is Catherine Mattice, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, who is a subject-matter expert in workplace bullying. Catherine has been researching, publishing, and speaking since 2005 after a personal experience dealing with a bully at work. Not only did she feel like a target, but as the Director of Human Resources, she saw firsthand how that behavior can damage an organization. 

In this episode, we’ll hear about: 

  • Bullying in the workplace
  • The three buckets of bullying
  • Why abrasive leaders are the way they are
  • How to define a positive company culture
  • The importance of reinforcing inclusive behavior
  • And much more!

Thanks again for listening to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! Together, we’ll challenge the status quo of toxic work environments and learn what it takes to bring real positive change to our company cultures. If you found this episode helpful or know someone that might be experiencing abrasive leadership, please share this episode with them. And don’t forget to leave a review wherever you’re listening. Every step—no matter how little—helps.

Enjoy my conversation with Catherine!

In This Episode:

[1:21] – We’re introduced to Catherine Mattice and learn about her experiences with bullying in the workplace.

[2:45] – Catherine defines bullying and the three buckets of bullying behavior.

[4:33] – We hear about why abrasive leaders are the way they are, according to Catherine.

[6:49] – Ironically, some bullying may come from a place of caring. Here’s what that means. 

[7:55] – How do people come to realize they are abrasive leaders? Catherine shares her thoughts.

[10:39] – Examining decades of experiences that led to a person’s abrasive leadership style can take a long time to unwind. We learn what Catherine recommends in situations like this.

[12:57] – Positive company culture needs to be defined by the organization. 

[15:06] – Catherine shares her own definition of positive company culture and how she helps companies find their own. 

[18:15] – The importance of encouraging and reinforcing inclusive behavior on teams.

[19:49] – This is how we can mitigate our own bias, in Catherine’s opinion.

[21:56] – What advice would Catherine give to those experiencing toxicity in the workplace?

[23:30] – Tiffany concludes the conversation with Catherine.


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Connect with Catherine:

Website: https://civilitypartners.com

Keynotes: https://www.civilitypartners.com/keynotes/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherinemattice/


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