Episode 43: Bethany Nicole – If We Are Given The Dream, We Are Given The Tools

The Beatles said it best. “You’re going to carry that weight a long time.” Many of us go through life packing on our emotional burdens and spiritual weights without ever taking a moment to think about how all that weight slows us down.

But how do we overcome and release those burdens so that we can truly start to truly love ourselves again?

My guest today is Bethany Nicole. Bethany is an author based in Los Angeles, freelance writer, and relationship expert. Her organization, Apologies I Never Got, is a book, brand, and service, that focuses on helping release the burdens of the past in order to create relationship foundations that lead to long-lasting connections, communications, and of course, love. 

In this episode, we’ll hear about: 

  • How Bethany brought spiritual aspects to social services
  • Bethany’s path to overcoming self-doubt
  • Learning how to love, trust, and forgive yourself
  • The three components of an apology
  • Finding and loving our authentic selves
  • And much more!

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Enjoy my conversation with Bethany!

In This Episode:

[1:25] – We’re introduced to Bethany Nicole and learn about her story.

[3:08] – So often people don’t know the end results and have trouble taking the first step. Here’s how Bethany took her first step.

[5:02] – How to overcome the limiting beliefs that stop us from reaching our dreams. 

[7:53] – If we are called to something, there’s a deeper reason why. Here’s what that means to Bethany.

[9:10] – Bethany defines self-love and self-worth.

[10:35] – This is how Bethany believes we need to go about forgiving ourselves.

[13:37] – Bethany gives her words of wisdom for how we can learn to trust ourselves.

[15:22] – The importance of following through on the promises we make to ourselves. 

[18:00] – We learn how we can have an authentic relationship with our own self. 

[21:19] – What happens when there is guilt and shame when sharing our truths with others?

[24:49] – Tiffany concludes the conversation with Bethany.


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Connect with Bethany:

Website: www.bethanynicole.com 



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