Episode 40: Rachel Waterman – Grants Management Made Easy

Do you feel overqualified and underpaid in your career? 

If so, you’re not alone. Lots of aspiring professionals in the nonprofit space get stuck in an endless cycle of punching the clock for a fraction of what they know they’re worth. The challenge isn’t so much in recognizing that the cycle must be broken, the challenge is having the courage to break it in the first place.

My guest today is the Honorable Rachel Waterman. Rachel is a thinker, published author, award-winning researcher, professional artist, and mother of two with over 25 years of community development and grant writing experience creating a business on her own terms since 2008. 

This episode covers: 

  • What it means to be a humanitarian entrepreneur
  • The difference between being a freelancer with a backpack and an entrepreneur with a business
  • The value of networking
  • The importance of pricing and screening clients
  • How to reduce burnout in the grant-writing profession
  • And much more!

Thanks again for listening to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! Don’t forget to share this episode with the humanitarian entrepreneurs you know who might feel they are overqualified and underpaid in their own professions. Together, we’ll change the world on our own terms while getting paid what we’re worth and avoiding burnout along the way.

Enjoy my conversation with Rachel!

In This Episode:

[1:25] – We’re introduced to today’s guest, the Honorable Rachel Waterman, and we’re taken back to when it all started for Rachel in 2008.

[4:30] – This is why Rachel was excited to come on the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast.

[5:29] – Rachel explains her first consulting job.

[7:26] – There’s a leap between being a freelancer with a backpack and being an entrepreneur with a business. Here’s what that means.

[8:50] – How Rachel navigated imposter syndrome early on. 

[11:06] – Partnerships and making connections is important in work and in life.

[13:39] – What does Rachel know now about pricing and screening clients that she wished she knew earlier in her career?

[16:16] – The problem that pro bono services can create for the grant consulting industry, according to Rachel.

[18:14] – Rachel continues to learn about pricing every time she gets burned.

[20:54] – Grant writers are the people that help people that help people, but the burnout is so high.

[23:52] – Rachel reveals the most critical element to grant writing.  


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Connect with Rachel:

You can learn more about Global Development Solutions at https://www.gdsgrants.com/ and if you want to connect with Rachel directly, reach out to her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelwaterman/


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