Episode 39: Eloise Allexia – Integrating Monasticism in Everyday Life

Wouldn’t it be easier for someone to just “give you the answer” and tell you what your purpose was in life?  

Easier, maybe. 

More meaningful?  Probably not.  

Finding our purpose for why we’re here requires walking the path and experiencing the journey, to a degree.  After all, crossing the finish line means little if we didn’t take any of the steps to get there ourselves. 

My guest today is Eloise Skinner. Eloise is an entrepreneur, author, and existential therapist. She is the founder of One Typical Day (an education technology start-up) and The Purpose Workshop (a social impact consultancy).

In this episode, we’ll hear about:

  • Eloise’s experience with experimental monasticism
  • Her journey to existential therapy
  • Why “introducing depth” is better than simply “giving the answers”
  • The pressures of niching down 
  • And much more! 

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I hope you enjoy my conversation with Eloise!

In This Episode:

[1:16] – We’re introduced to today’s guest, Eloise Skinner and learn about her unique journey to finding a career in existential therapy.

[3:44] – Eloise discusses what experimental monasticism is really like.

[6:14] – The movement to existential therapy.

[7:40] – Who were the people Eloise saw coming into a monastic life?

[9:38] – This is how Eloise’s experiences tie into her businesses, The Purpose Workshop and One Typical Day.

[12:35] – The difference between “introducing the depth” versus “giving the answers”, according to Eloise.

[15:00] – Throughout her 20s, Eloise wasn’t sure what her path was meant to be. This is how she found her footing.

[16:32] – Eloise addresses the pressures of niching down.

[18:50] – “Finding the themes” helped Eloise find purpose and meaning in her professional and personal life.

[20:06] – Eloise reveals some details about her new book that combines existentialism and well-being.

[22:52] – Tiffany concludes the conversation.


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