Episode 35: Greg Zatulovsky – Purpose Forward

Are you looking to start a new business in the nonprofit space but are afraid to take the first step? You might be preventing the world from benefiting from your impact.

My guest today is Greg Zatulovsky. Greg is a leader in the Canadian charitable sector that is driving modernization to build capacity in the non-profit space. His latest venture is as the founder and CEO of Purpose Forward, a non-profit with a mission of improving access and creating capacity in the social purpose sector through operational excellence.

In this episode, we’ll hear about:

  • Purpose Forward and how they help smaller nonprofits
  • Our shared goals and building a stronger community
  • How to live a life with more freedom and flexibility
  • Filling gaps in the marketplace
  • The biggest barriers to starting a new business
  • And much more! 

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In This Episode:

[1:20] – We’re introduced to our guest, Greg Zatulovsky, and learn about his story.

[3:50] – This is how Greg helps people looking to use Purpose Forward’s services.

[5:02] – Smaller nonprofits have great passion, but they often are missing some key skills to run it like a business and aren’t able to help as many people as they could be helping.

[7:15] – Greg reminds us that there’s always an opportunity to work with a specialist in the nonprofit space. 

[8:46] – Everyone wants to build each other up. This is how that can help those looking to break into the nonprofit space.

[11:21] – Greg explains when he first moved to the consulting space and how that led to Purpose Forward.

[13:00] – Rather than working towards someone else’s goal for the world, Greg wanted to find his place where he could leave his own legacy. 

[15:19] – This is what Greg sees as meaningful work.

[16:59] – Greg came to this space from the backend after seeing a gap in the marketplace.   

[19:06] – These are the mistakes that Greg consistently sees smaller grassroots companies making. 

[21:07] – The biggest barrier to starting a new business, according to Greg.

[23:23] –Not putting ourselves out there can prevent others from benefiting from our services and reduce our impact on the world. 

[24:56] – Tiffany wraps up the conversation, and Greg leaves us with a few last-minute thoughts.


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