Episode 3: The Humanitarian Approach

What would you do if you weren’t scared?  What would your life look like if you had no fear of failure? 

We strive for success, but few of us actually take the time to truly understand what success means. For me, I envision success as doing work that I am truly passionate about on a schedule that works for me, working when, where, and how I want to or need to.

Many of us consciously or unconsciously are trying to achieve success because we’re looking for safety and security, but safety and security need to come from within. You can have the life that you want and have dreamed about, but you have to do the internal work first.

In this episode of the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast, we’ll explore the Humanitarian Approach: a four-step targeted approach that helps others get to their goals and hopefully avoid the many pitfalls I encountered on my own entrepreneurial journey.

If there’s someone that you know who wants to become an entrepreneur or who seems to be stuck in their own mental matrix, please share this episode with them. Together, we’ll change the world on our own terms, we’ll question everything, and we won’t just accept what is being handed to us and what we’ve been told to be true.

Thanks for joining me on this ride. Enjoy!


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