Episode 28: Zola Rose – Common Ground-Increasing The Social Cultural Ecological and Economic Well Being of Communities

If you had to guess, what do you think the average cost of a first home is for first-time homebuyers in your area?  Odds are it’s much higher than you would think and it’s almost certainly higher than it used to be.  

But in some parts of the world, that price is simply out of reach for much of the local population.

My guest today is Zola Rose.  Zola founded the social enterprise Common Ground in 2019 to enable and catalyze collective, community-led housing development.  The aim of Common Ground is to increase the social, cultural, ecological, and economic well-being of communities based on the principles of regenerative development, permaculture, living systems, and ecovillage design.

In this episode, we’ll hear:

  • The affordable housing crisis in New Zealand
  • The dangers of thinking possessively about property
  • Taking on the individualistic mindset
  • What drives the design features for living areas
  • The difference between ecovillages and permacultures
  • And more!

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Enjoy my conversation with Zola!

In This Episode:

[1:30] – We’re introduced to our guest, Zola Rose, and learn what led her to the housing development space.

[4:14] – These are some of the factors that are causing the housing issues in New Zealand, according to Zola.

[6:07] – The alternative housing models. 

[8:50] – We hear how the possessiveness of property is a dominant mindset.

[10:30] – What is the Māori worldview of the land?

[12:44] – Zola discusses her cooperative culture which is built to take on individualistic culture.

[14:16] – Does Zola believe the individualistic mindset is at the heart of keeping constructive change from happening?

[16:36] – People often think of themselves as generous beings, but their actions don’t often reflect that.

[18:30] – What’s driving our design features in our living systems?

[19:53] – Zola reveals how we can reach “common ground.”

[21:22] – Zola defines permaculture and ecovillages and then explains how they are different. 

[24:24] – We learn why Zola started Common Ground.

[27:30] – The entrepreneurial side of Common Ground has been a bit trickier.  

[29:55] – Zola shares some conversations she’s having with other international companies about adapting their tools to alternative needs.

[31:12] – This is how we can connect with Zola.


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