Episode 26: Tye Glover – Think Different Nation

Have you ever had a brilliant idea only to lose it later?  Have you ever wondered what innovative developments have been lost to history simply because humanity didn’t (or wasn’t able to) pass along that knowledge?

Imagine if we were able to get out of our own way and truly give our own amazing ideas a chance to flourish.  What possibilities could become reality then?

Today, my guest is Tye Glover.  Tye is the founder of Think Different Nation, an innovation think tank that teaches people how to think more creatively.

In this episode, we’ll uncover:

  • What it means to think differently
  • The two most important universal principles of reality
  • How we can leverage Neural Linguistic Programming to capitalize on creativity
  • Capturing ideas using the innovation control tower
  • And more! 

Thank you so much for listening to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! If there’s a brilliant person you know who has a lot of great ideas but can’t seem to get any traction with those ideas, be sure to share this episode with them.

Together, we’ll challenge the status quo and break free from our mental barriers so our entrepreneurial ideas can truly take flight.

Thanks again for being with us on this journey and enjoy my conversation with Tye!

In This Episode:

[1:06] – Tye tells us his story and how he discovered the power of thinking differently.

[4:06] – Tye explains that we don’t have to think the way the establishment wants us to think.

[6:25] – Finding gaps in the marketplace has always been one of Tye’s natural attributes.

[9:09] – Sometimes people have an idea but can’t get out of their own way to bring that idea to fruition.  

[10:00] – These are the universal principles of reality that people can use to get out of their own way.

[12:39] – Tye reveals his two most important principles of reality.

[15:22] – Everything is a story, nothing is inherently good or bad.  

[18:10] – This is how we can leverage Neural Linguistic Programming to capitalize on our own creativity.

[21:05] – Nothing comes from nothing, but from something comes something.  Tye details what this means. 

[22:35] – What is the “innovative control tower” and how does Tye use it to organize his innovative ideas?  

[24:30] – This is what we can find on Tye’s website. 

[26:33] – The great thing about the innovation control tower is it allows us to capture those whispers of the soul.

[28:40] – We learn why it’s ok to be still with an entrepreneurial mindset.


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