Episode 22: Laura Hartley – Business as Activism

Do you trust yourself? Trust is crucial when being called to activism. Many of us don’t take the time to slow down and look inward before we look outward. That gap in self-understanding often means we don’t truly know whether we can trust ourselves or when our bodies are telling us to step back when our minds are urging us to push forward.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Laura Hartley.

Laura is an activist, writer, and coach. She is also the founder of an online school for activists and changemakers, with programs in healing burnout culture, starting purpose-driven initiatives, unlearning perfectionism, and doing the inner work of dismantling capitalism and supremacy culture.

In this episode, we’ll learn:

  • How business can be activism
  • How to tackle internalized capitalism 
  • What makes marketing today misleading
  • The importance of listening more to our body instead of our mind
  • And much more!

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Together, we’ll learn how to make a difference in the world and have a thriving business without burnout. Enjoy my conversation with Laura!

In This Episode:

[01:19] – We’re introduced to our guest, Laura Hartley.

[03:25] – Laura’s three passions led her to running a school for changemakers.

[04:02] – How can business also be activism? 

[06:55] – Many activists can see through the nonsense of traditional business marketing tactics. Here’s how. 

[09:29] – Laura discusses “infinite growth on a finite planet” and what truly is finite in the world.

[11:04] – This is what internalized capitalism means, according to Laura. 

[13:55] – Addressing the quick fix and the importance of slowing down.

[16:24] – If we want to create change in the world or in our lives, then we need to take the time to understand the conditions that have brought us here in the first place. Here’s what that means.

[18:50] – Marketing today pulls in people to fill subconscious needs even if the product has nothing to do with the need being filled. We learn why this is a problem.

[20:50] – We hear how money predates capitalism and what business truly is. 

[22:33] – This is how we can start to untangle the webs of the system.

[25:13] – The importance of trusting oneself when being called to activism.

[27:16] – When we’re disconnected from our body, we miss the signs it’s giving us. 

[30:19] – We need to make step-back culture ok. Laura explains why.


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