Episode 21: Ted Rau – Sociocracy

What is sociocracy and how can it help your team make better decisions?  

Today, my guest is Ted Rau, and I’m eager to share his experience and expertise in sociocracy with all of you.

Ted spends most of his time training and consulting in sociocracy and leading the Sociocracy For All organization.  He is the co-author of the sociocracy handbook, Many Voices, One Song, and he enjoys writing articles and teaching meeting facilitation.  

People and their universal need to connect and move things are at the center of his attention.  He pays attention to the co-housing movement, transgender rights, and non-violent communication.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • The meaning of sociocracy
  • How sociocracy compares to a democracy
  • Consent versus consensus
  • The value of objections
  • And much more!

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You can find the link to get a copy of Ted’s book in the resources below.

Together, we’ll question everything, and we won’t just accept what is being handed to us—even if it means there are a few healthy objections along the way.  Thanks for joining us on this journey, and enjoy my conversation with Ted!

In This Episode:

[01:24] – Ted Rau introduces himself and explains the history of sociocracy.

[02:58] – Can one use sociocracy for the needs of a country instead of just an organization?

[04:55] – The value of sociocracy and its structure in a company. 

[06:15] – Ted explains how decision-making can be similar to how a family might decide together where to eat lunch.

[09:14] – Ideally, those who work together are in a circle.  Here’s what that means as it applies to making decisions.

[11:57] – Consent versus consensus, according to Ted.

[14:38] – Ted discusses the importance of listening.

[15:37] – We hear about objections and feedback in sociocracy and what Ted learned about them that blew his mind.

[18:21] – Objecting to a proposal is a good thing if everyone agrees on the aim.

[19:35] – Ted defines nonviolent communication.

[21:20] – Feelings are just pointers to meanings. 

[22:52] – How can we introduce and start implementing these principles of sociocracy and what pitfalls might we encounter introducing sociocracy to a company?

[25:52] – Who ultimately gets to decide what happens in a group?

[28:24] – Tiffany concludes the conversation by reading a quote from Ted’s book.


Book – Many Voices One Song: Shared Power with Sociocracy by Ted Rau

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