Episode 19: Catherine Black | Being Authentic


A note before we begin. Please be advised this episode may be triggering for some listeners. In this episode, there is a conversation about self-harm, cutting, eating disorders, and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! My guest today is Catherine Black.

Catherine is a mixed media artist and yoga teacher who works creatively, intuitively, and therapeutically with a deep awareness to the sensations in the body.  This approach allows her to open channels and melt through barriers allowing an artful journey within.

In this episode, Catherine and I discuss how yoga and art can help navigate through traumatic experiences, the impacts of the masculine way of living, channeling discomfort, and facing the inner darkness.

Thanks again for tuning in, and I hope you find my conversation with Catherine moving and therapeutic.  Also, don’t forget to check out our resources in the links below!  


In This Episode:

[01:27] – We’re introduced to today’s guest, Catherine Black.

[02:45] – Catherine tells us about her work and what fascinates her about the body as a subject in her art.

[05:27] – Catherine talks about her journey to India to learn more about yoga training. 

[07:19] – When Catherine was younger, she realized her art was always about the body and what’s behind the skin.

[10:14] – We learn about how yoga and art are other ways to navigate through traumatic experiences.

[12:20] – Catherine found yoga allowed her to really release the emotions that had been bottled up. 

[14:56] – Art therapy allowed Catherine to go into her own world.  This is why it felt like a safe place for Catherine.

[16:59] – The impacts of the masculine way of living. 

[19:03] – How does Catherine continue to go into different modalities and reface her traumatizing emotions?

[21:46] – Catherine reassures us that it gets easier and easier to face the darkness inside. 

[23:15] – The only way out is through.  Tiffany shares her personal experiences with cutting.

[25:54] – The UK never used to feel like home to Catherine.  

[28:40] – It’s going to be hard examining the inner turmoil either way, but Catherine opts to choose the path that is better for her body. 

[31:21] – Catherine channels her discomfort through art therapy and yoga therapy.

[34:16] – Catherine reveals that she is self-employed and constantly worries whether she will make rent, but she understands her situation and prefers to keep her creativity under her own control.

[35:52] – Tiffany discusses the impact of Catherine’s art on her own life.   

[37:41] – Catherine is grateful for her friends all over the world and how there is always someone available to help all hours of the day.

[39:53] – This is what having creative gifts is all about.

[41:36] – Addressing the labels and taking risks, according to Catherine.

[43:58] – How do we feel safe talking about trauma and taking risks?  

[46:26] – We’re reminded that we can always change our minds. 


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