Episode 18: Ben Sampson | WeHero

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! My guest today is Ben Sampson.

Ben is the co-founder and CEO of WeHero, a company focused on building innovative solutions that empower organizations and individuals around the world to maximize social impact. He is a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, and product management expert. 

Over the past three years, Ben has worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies on their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies with a specific focus on how to maximize employee engagement through high-impact, scalable, volunteer programming. 

In this episode, Ben and I discuss how his career path ultimately led him to founding WeHero, how volunteering opportunities have changed in 2022, and what we can do to make real change in the world today.

Thanks again for tuning in, and I hope you find my conversation with Ben insightful and motivating! And don’t forget to leave us a review and share this episode with those you know who are looking for a way to give back. It really makes a difference.


In This Episode:

[01:32] – Our guest today, Ben Sampson, introduces himself and tells us about his time volunteering in Peru.

[03:20] – As a product management consultant, Ben would travel across the US and abroad helping them operationalize their product management functions. Here’s what happened on that career path that changed Ben’s outlook.

[06:12] – What challenges did Ben face when he got started building his company from the ground up?

[08:50] – WeHero’s new take on the nonprofit space created a lot of word-of-mouth marketing that helped the company take off. 

[11:08] – How are companies in 2022 looking at giving back and volunteering? Ben shares his thoughts.

[13:25] – Ben talks about long-term versus short-term impacts.

[15:12] – More and more small companies are starting to embrace corporate social responsibility and seeing that they too can make an impact.

[17:50] – It’s so challenging for employees to partake in a month-long volunteer program. Here’s what many are doing instead.

[20:45] – Volunteering at scale can solve real challenges. Ben reveals how.

[21:45] – How can a company partner with WeHero to start working on their social impact?

[23:40] – What can nonprofits who are looking for support do to better align with corporations that are looking to give back?

[26:12] – This is how a nonprofit can connect with WeHero.

[27:44] – A final note by Ben Sampson.


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