Episode 17: Stephanie Cory | Our Challenges Are Not Unique

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast!  My guest today is Stephanie Cory.

Stephanie has committed her nearly 20-year career to strengthening the nonprofit sector through education. She has served as an executive director for a health advocacy organization and has consulted for a variety of other organizations across the country helping them strengthen governance, grow fundraising revenue, and recruit leadership talent.

Having worked with organizations of all sizes—from grassroots with no paid staff to multi-campus health care providers with upward of $60 million in annual revenue—Stephanie is uniquely qualified to explain how our challenges are not unique.  

Today, Stephanie is an adjunct faculty member for Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies where she teaches a variety of nonprofit topics.

In this episode, Stephanie and I discuss what she sees all organizations struggle with, how the board and the leadership team’s roles differ, how to recruit and retain talent in the fundraising space, and more!

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Thanks and enjoy my conversation with Stephanie!

In This Episode:

[01:35] – We’re introduced to today’s guest, Stephanie Cory, and learn what brought her to the nonprofit space. 

[03:33] – This is the one thing that Stephanie sees all organizations across the spectrum struggling with.

[04:20] – Why do people believe they have unique challenges? 

[05:31] – We learn what Stephanie believes are the best ways to get the most out of a company’s board.

[07:39] – Here’s how Stephanie would start recruiting for a board.

[09:00] – The board versus staff leadership roles, according to Stephanie. 

[10:23] – Getting buy-in for fundraising from the rest of the staff of an organization.

[13:17] – Stephanie reveals how she navigates the budget for fundraising. 

[15:00] – Stephanie discusses why she believes there is some “possessiveness” over certain roles and why certain departments are more siloed.

[17:35] – Recruiting and retaining qualified talent in the fundraising sector is a challenge.  This is how Stephanie approaches it.

[20:15] – We hear the best way to manage volunteers who may believe in the cause but may not have “skin in the game.”

[22:29] – Stephanie shares her final words of advice for organizations that may be struggling right now. 


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