Episode 15: Linda Lattimore | Solutionaries – You are the Answer!

Welcome to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast.  My guest today is Linda Lattimore.

An American raised in Latin America, Linda has traveled extensively throughout the world as international corporate counsel witnessing first-hand some of the world’s most pressing social issues.  These life experiences helped shape Linda’s worldview and set her on the path to becoming a dedicated and passionate collaborator and architect for change.

Linda is a well-regarded speaker, published author, and educator in the field of Sustained Leadership.  She is a seasoned lawyer, corporate executive, social entrepreneur, and founder of the Solutionaries Academy, Cross Sector Institute, and WGN Global Fund.  

Linda offers training to individuals and corporations understanding the need and value of social innovation and responsible and conscious business. 

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Linda as we chat about her book, Solutionaries: You Are The Answer!, the value of personal branding, how we can bring more meaning to our work, and more!  

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In This Episode:

[01:20] – Linda Lattimore talks about her story and what called her to humanitarian work.

[04:15] – The struggle between following passions while being able to support ourselves financially, according to Linda.

[06:45] – Linda reveals why she wrote Solutionaries: You Are The Answer!

[08:37] – We hear Linda discuss the benefits of having women in leadership.  

[11:01] – Linda is glad to see the normalizing of soft skills in leadership.

[12:15] – The value of personal branding for those that see themselves as changemakers.

[14:20] – What are “value words” and how can we use them to enhance our own personal brands? 

[16:35] – This is why no one cares when companies brag about how much money they donate to charities, in Linda’s opinion.

[19:25] – Linda shares the importance of finding a tribe that has the same values we have. 

[22:18] – Linda tells us what is next for her.

[23:30] – Linda runs a small Mastermind once a quarter. 

[23:47] – How can we bring more meaning to our work?


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