Episode 14: Bethany Gum: Feminism, Diversity, and Inclusion

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! My guest today is Bethany Gum. Bethany is a researcher, writer, teacher, and consultant. She focuses on educational inclusion projects, representing marginalized communities, and dismantling discriminatory practices throughout the globe.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The challenges of moving to Vietnam and acclimating to a new culture
  • The importance of lived experiences on our worldviews
  • The dangers of glamourizing postcolonialism 
  • And more!

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In This Episode:

[01:17] – Bethany introduces herself and reveals what led her to the field of feminism, diversity, and inclusion.

[03:29] – Lived experiences can help shape our identities. Bethany explains how this mindset shaped her perspective.

[04:30] – Earning a Master’s in Gender Studies in Europe helped Bethany theorize the things she had done as a teacher in Vietnam.

[05:50] – Bethany discusses the social work she’s doing in the UK today and how the Black Lives Matter protests influenced this path.

[07:03] – How to become an anti-racist ally, according to Bethany.

[08:34] – Culture and personal experiences can impact our worldviews, and we learn how to better listen to others.

[11:11] – Bethany reflects on a book by Sara Ahmed, Living A Feminist Life.

[13:35] – These are the misconceptions about postcolonialism and inclusion that Bethany believes we should know. 

[15:10] – Would introducing new terms into our vernacular help make people more aware of the dangers of postcolonialism? 

[17:20] – Glamourizing postcolonialism is a dangerous path to walk down. 

[19:12] – What would Bethany say to those that are critical about teaching Critical Race Theory in schools? 

[22:07] – Bethany confronts how traveling and feeling safe is a privilege.

[23:20] – Bethany shares her book recommendations for us. 


Website – Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Instagram – Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Book – Living A Feminist Life, By Sara Ahmed

Book – The Face Of War, By Martha Gellhorn

Connect with Bethany:

Website – Beth Gum

LinkedIn – Bethany

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