Episode 12: Treacy Dobbins: Inspiring Real Change to End Homelessness

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! My guest today is Treacy Dobbins. Treacy is a published author and visionary leader with two decades of service around the world—and since 2013, across the United States—serving the homeless population.

In 2020, Treacy launched “Inspire Real Change”, a nonprofit organization with a vision of transforming homeless social services to better serve people.

“Inspire Real Change” was created out of a heart to better serve our homeless population by presenting real data from real research, and real people to drive real solutions to challenges within the homeless social services field.

With a Dual Masters in Social Services and subject matter expertise in sociology, counseling theories, and behavioral analysis, Treacy has helped transform lives by enhancing the quality of life of thousands of underprivileged citizens.

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In This Episode:

[01:30] – Tiffany introduces her guest, Treacy Dobbins.

[03:14] – Treacy answers the question, “How pervasive is homelessness?”

[05:39] – We learn about the needs of the homeless community that aren’t being addressed.

[07:45] – Tiffany recounts the criminal justice system in her area and the lack of “safety nets” for those getting released. 

[09:17] – Treacy discusses some of the legal issues homeless people face. 

[10:51] – Biopsychosocial evaluations can help identify the core needs of those who are homeless. 

[13:16] – Treacy addresses the lack of understanding of needed resources. 

[15:55] – Motivation is often assumed incorrectly.  Treacy tells us why.

[18:14] – These are the barriers to accessing homeless resources, according to Treacy. 

[20:55] – Tiffany and Treacy touch on the turnover in the field. 

[21:52] – We hear some of the innovative ideas and changes coming to address homelessness. 

[24:22] – Treacy explains what he believes are the best ways to increase collaboration across communities.

[26:50] – How do we build more connections? 


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Connect with Treacy:

Website – Inspire Real Change

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