Episode 1: Are you a Humanitarian Entrepreneur?

If you’re like me, you’re someone who questions everything, wants to learn more, and doesn’t accept the status quo.

Welcome to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast where we are building a network of global activists and entrepreneurs and empowering them to have the freedom of a thriving business making an impact in the world without burnout.

This podcast is about community. Whether your cause is human rights, animal rights, or environmental rights, we are all in this together.

My name is Tiffany and I’m a human rights activist, consultant, and coach.

I use the term Humanitarian Entrepreneur to get people to think outside of the box and to start thinking differently about the world. 

In this episode, you’ll learn about my time right after grad school, my attempts at entrepreneurship, and how I eventually came to be a consultant in the nonprofit world.

Together, we’ll change the world on our own terms, we’ll question everything, and we won’t just accept what is being handed to us and what we have been told to be true. 

I can’t wait to help take you along on this ride. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[01:01] – An introduction to our host, Tiffany. 
[02:03] – Tiffany explains what surprised her about the “publish or perish mindset” in grad school. 
[03:13] – The unexpected costs of life and a career that come after grad school moved Tiffany into getting extra jobs.
[04:04] – Tiffany reveals how her health was affected burning the candle at both ends to make ends meet.
[05:32] – Why didn’t Tiffany’s first entrepreneurial ventures work out?
[06:35] – Instead of fancy cars and luxurious mansions, we learn what actually motivated Tiffany to go out on her own.
[07:21] – Tiffany changes her direction from entrepreneurship and seeks a position at another company.
[09:04] – Taking a consultant opportunity in the nonprofit world changed Tiffany’s life.  Here’s how. 
[10:01] – Why did Tiffany start the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast? 
[10:14] – What to expect in the coming episodes. 

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