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Create Your Own Business to Change the World in 6-Weeks

This course helps nonprofit staff clarify their passion, work through their limiting beliefs and confidently start a successful business

There is more than one way to change the world...

And it does not have to involve sacrifice, frustration, and feeling burned out.

I can help you start your journey to become a humanitarian entrepreneur and avoid the obstacles I encountered along the way, including:

Professional Roadblocks:
  • Not starting a business because I was unsure about how to create an entrepreneurial venture that could change the world.
  • Allowing fear to stop me from taking a chance and starting a business I believed in.
Limiting Beliefs:
  • Working for someone equates to job security and financial stability.
  • I am expected to struggle because the work “isn’t about the money” and is “supposed to be selfless.”
  • The only way to help the world is working for a nonprofit organization.
  • It is selfish to want more out of life when so many are struggling.
  • I am not good enough/knowledgeable enough/worthy enough to open my own business.

These obstacles resulted in:

  • Not impacting the world in the way that I wanted.
  • Always having someone else dictate my monetary value.
  • Complacency, constantly struggling, feeling burned out and unfulfilled.

But after making the choice to take control of my life and career, I now:

  • Work from home (with the best furry coworkers ever!) and travel when I want.
  • Consult with organizations I am truly passionate about (no more dreading the work!).
  • Dictate how much money I make, decide when I want to work and choose how many hours I work.
  • Help people that are looking for a transformational change, so that their career aligns with living their purpose, thereby creating the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Create Your Own Business to Change the World in 6-Weeks​ Modules

In this six-week course, you will learn how you, too, can start a business that provides freedom and fulfillment while making a positive social impact.

Week 1: Clarify Your Passion

What brings you joy? How do you envision yourself making a difference?

Week 2: Create a Plan for Success

Leveraging your uniqueness and what you can offer, along with practical guides to outline your next steps.

Week 3: Identifying and Embracing Your Worthiness for Prosperity and Abundance

Week 4: Overcoming the Fear of Failure and Need for Perfection

Week 5: Working Through Subconscious Beliefs Around Visibility

Week 6: Managing Guilt/Shame Around Wanting, Making, and Having Money

That's Not All: You Also Get these BONUSES!

  • Worksheet to help analyze and break down your finances prior to starting your business.
  • Overcoming the Need for External Validation Meditation and 28-day journaling activity.
  • Humanitarian Entrepreneur Tele-Summit recordings.
  • Access to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur Slack community for networking and additional resources.

What is a Humanitarian Entrepreneur?

For those who are new to the freelance/consulting/independent contractor world, let’s begin by answering some frequently asked questions:
A consultant is someone who is self-employed and provides expert knowledge in a specific field to a group of people. The client looks to your advice and guidance in a particular area. This could be fundraising, strategic planning, capacity building, or volunteer management – just to name a few.
Sometimes referred to as independent contractors, these are self-employed individuals providing skills for specific jobs/tasks on a short-term basis. The role entails initial direction from the client on the project and then tasked with completing the deliverable(s) with the autonomy on the best method for completion. Work is often done independently with your own tools and resources.
Someone who is self-employed and contracted to perform specific duties.

Anyone able to provide expert advice in a particular field. You are able to help people solve problems and move clients from their current state to their desired state. Depending on the type of consulting you provide, there is usually 5 – 10 years of experience needed to establish credibility.

Experience can come in all different shapes and sizes and is not a one-size-fits-all. This is a good thing, allowing multiple entry points for starting! The most important thing is to understand your sector, including needs of your particular client and ways to support them.

People may struggle with finding the simplest way to get to their desired state on their own. Consultants have the knowledge and provide the easiest, most efficient way to get there. This saves the client time through the consultant’s proven system.
  • Consultants can deliver specific services themselves (most labor intensive)
  • Work with the clients to deliver specific services (you are managing a specific piece but advising on everything else)
  • Provide individual coaching and advisement (not actually doing the work)
  • Advise a group on how to tackle a particular issue (allows you to guide the direction but the clients are able to learn from one another)
  • Create programs and allow clients to learn themselves (after you create the course, there is no further time commitment from you)

A consultant specializing in grants can:

  • Do all the research and writing of relevant grants for a particular agency
  • Have the agency forward relevant grants to the consultant and the consultant only write for the selected proposals
  • Individually coach the best way to research and write successful grant proposals
  • Advise a group of similar agencies how to find the best grant funding for their needs and write proposals that secure the necessary funding
  • Create a specific program that would allow anyone interested on how to research and write successful grant proposals in a specific area
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