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Discover how to overcome the blockages so you can make an impact in the world without burnout or frustration.

This free guide will teach you how to turn your passion for changing the world into a successful business.

Are you working in a nonprofit but having to work extra jobs just to make ends meet?

Do you want to make a difference in the world but are completely burnt out from overwork and underpaid?

Do you wish you could leverage your passions to change the world but on your own terms; working when, how, and where you want, making as much money as you want?

The Problem:
Working selflessly in the nonprofit arena but still barely making ends meet

The Impact: 
Exhausted, burnt-out, chronically ill, missing out on time with family

The Desire: 
Freedom, financial security, autonomy, to make an impact in the world, doing what I am meant to do in the world, confidence

What's the solution?

How to Overcome the Blockages:

Step 1

Clarifying your passion and how this can be turned into a business

Step 2

Dealing with the blockages that arise once you start to put this plan into place

  • Shame and guilt around money
  • Fear of judgement
  • Feelings of unworthiness/imposter syndrome
  • Fear of visibility

Are you feeling isolated and alone in feelings of doubt about taking your skills to next level?

How to become an entrepreneur, you need to release the feelings of uncertainty, doubt, second-guessing, feelings of unworthiness/not being good enough

Changing your subconscious thoughts and beliefs is the only way to have a business making an impact in the world, without burnout.

How I went from working full-time in the nonprofit space to grow a successful business in human rights without burning out?

Mistakes I Used to Make:

  • Not creating the business because I was unsure of how to actually create an entrepreneurial venture that could change the world
  • Not sure how to create a business
  • Not putting myself out into the world out of fear of judgment

Beliefs I Had:

  • Having a job meant security
  • I always had to struggle because the work is “supposed to be” selfless
  • The only way to help the world was through a nonprofit
  • It is selfish to want more out of life/more money when so many are struggling
  • I am not good enough/knowledgeable enough/worthy enough to open my own business


  • Not impacting the world in the way I actually wanted – withholding your gift is actually selfish and hurting the world
  • Always having someone else dictate your value monetarily, keeping you trapped
  • Always staying in complacency will waste your life, always have you wanting more, feel unfulfilled, burnt out, and struggling

Better Way:

  • Address your fear of criticism and judgment, issues around money, fear of visibility, and low self-esteem to make the impact you truly are meant to in this world; living the life you have always dreamed about while helping others

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