Human rights activist, consultant, and coach to passionate humanitarian entrepreneurs.

Hi, I’m Tiffany

After more than 10 years working full-time in the nonprofit world, I was tired of being restricted on when, how, and where I had to work; so, I ventured out on my own.

When I first made this decision, I knew I needed a coach to support me in leveraging my unique passions to bring me into the entrepreneurial world. I struggled to find direction, as I was still fiercely passionate about changing the world but didn’t know how to bridge the gap into the entrepreneurial space.

Now, I specialize in coaching those within the nonprofit world to leverage their passions into working for themselves.

As Seen On

Pacifico talks with non-profit veteran turned business coach Tiffany Moore about the importance of changing the world through non-profits and for-profit businesses.

Tiffany talks to us about “the humanitarian approach” for success.  She challenges the audience to find passion. What lights you up? How do you envision making the world a little better?

Tiffany talks to Kim Shea about how retiring or passionate humanitarian workers can turn their passion into a successful business. Go check it out. 

Titus Bartolotta and Tiffany Moore talk about personal development and personal growth in the non-profit world. Give it a listen. 

As activists (and those drawn to better the world), we often can fall into the social worker mentality where we want to help everyone, constantly giving—and then we burn ourselves out.

Here’s What You Need

The Humanitarian Approach

The Humanitarian Approach targets 4 main areas for your success:


Your Passion

What lights you up? How do you envision making the world a little better?


Success Plan

Thinking creatively and outside-the-box, drafting a specific business plan for your success.


Your Uniqueness

In order to be successful, you need to be able to take a look at who you are and address any limiting beliefs that arise to eliminate self-sabotage.


Subconscious Beliefs

The nonprofit mentality can deeply permeate your way of thinking causing issues around worthiness, success, and money. It is imperative to address these underlying, subconscious beliefs to not let this hold you back. You can take all the business courses you would like but until you address these beliefs, you will continue to struggle.

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