Connecting Problems with Solutions

Taking average concepts, failing projects, and big thinkers to reshape ideas, and support revenue-generating capacities to make the most of their impact in the world. 

Assisting firms, institutions, and governments, to develop different perspectives and avenues for solutions, particularly when working with difficult clients or demographics, addressing internal challenges or mediating disputes.

Hi, I’m Tiffany Zehara

Problem Resolution Specialist

After 15+ years’ experience developing beginning-to-end strategies for nonprofit programs, projects, and initiatives, I would like the opportunity to put my talents to work for you. Seeing the impact my strategic planning, tactical execution, and audience engagement skills brought to current and past endeavors, I am eager to apply well-honed project and stakeholder management talents to your organization’s efforts. Combining coaching, mediation, and quality administration training with my extensive professional experience and Masters in Global Gender Studies, I am ready to optimize client and community engagement and support the success of your vision and mission.

Looking forward to advancing global initiatives, I am prepared to bring almost immediate impact and focus to daily operations and strategic planning. Direct interaction and collaboration with domestic and global, internal and external resources developed solid communication and analytical skills, and helped shape data-driven, evidence-based strategies. Galvanizing opposing positions, I help divergent sides find common ground. My planning, execution, and communication expertise expands program reach, enhances participant experience, and supports ongoing funding, consistently.

Areas of Specialization:

– Human Rights

– Women’s Empowerment

– Criminal Justice Reform

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